Why NATO Straps Might Be Right for You

Are you thinking of buying a great looking military style vintage watch? If so, you should look for watches already outfitted with NATO straps. NATO straps are versatile and classic in appearance. There are many reasons why NATO straps on your watches might be right for you. In this article, we will look at two of the main advantages of buying watches outfitted with NATO straps. We will then also let you know a bit about our models that are already outfitted with these straps.

Weather Resistant

NATO straps are extremely weather resistant. They can be worn in very cold temperatures, as well as in very hot environments. The added benefit of a strap of nylon under the bottom of the watch keeps the metal from directly contacting the skin. This means that even if your watch back gets extremely cold or hot, it will not hurt you. No matter the extreme weather you might be facing, you can wear your NATO strap on your watch with confidence. Not only do these straps look great, but they will also last for quit sometime, and can prevent you from losing your watch.

Designed for Wear

NATO straps are meant to be worn in whatever way you like. However, they were first designed to be worn over various types of clothing. Most often, diving watches were affixed to these straps. NATO straps allowed the diver to wear their watch over their suit. The NATO strap was actually used for years by the British military to wear in all sorts of conditions, over all sorts of clothing, in many different areas of the world. The NATO strap is specifically designed for not just daily use, but also abuse from the elements.

Watches with NATO Straps

Are you interested in purchasing a watch outfitted with a NATO strap? If so, we have several options for you. The EMA-8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13 models all come, standard issue, with NATO straps. These watches look fantastic when paired with these straps. You can even pick your very own colors for the straps. Or, if you would like to be able to change your straps every once in a while, buy one of these watches, first. You can then change out straps whenever you want to shake up your style a bit. All of our NATO straps are made of high quality nylon.

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