Mobitron Vibration Loggers and Impact Recorders

Mobitron Impact RecordersEveryday goods are transported from the producers to the markets. Sometimes some goods can be damaged during transportation if they are subjected to excessive shocks or improper handling. In order to be more alert about these shocks and so that we can take necessary measurements to prevent damages from shocks we can use vibration logger or impact recorders. They are very important if we need to prevent concealed damage and it is a key concern for product like Transformers. In this article we are going to discuss about Mobitron Vibration Logger and Mobitron Impact Recorders.

Mobitron AB supplies dataloggers having sensors built-in. They are global leader in this field. For impact recording they have Cargolog® Impact Recorder System. During transportation it can take record of events during a period of time for large goods or small goods. It can record for a short period of time or a long period of time. Mobitron Impact Recorders can take various types of measurements such as humidity, acceleration, temperature, angle of cargo etc.

This is how you start measuring with Mobitron Impact Recorders. For each registration – individual limits are needed to be selected. Also you will need to activate witch of the channels; temperature, angles, acceleration and humidity. The instrument can work up to 20 months and it can measure up to 77 600 measuring values. It is durable and can be used again and again – many times.

The Mobitron Impact Recorders have internal memory. There they store the record of shocks. These records also can include duration, time. You can protect the data with password. In order to take records you need to attach the Mobitron Impact Recorder with your product directly. After this it can take measurements from the starting place to the site.

When your goods reach to the site, you can download the data to your computer. The data is not difficult to understand and analyze. You will get measurement for each minute and second in the graph. The horizontal axis is for time and the measurements values are recorded along vertical axis.

In conclusion we can say that if you use Mobitron Impact Recorders you become more aware about how your products are subjected to shocks during the transportation and check if the amounts of shocks are above tolerance limit. Recording shocks and analyzing them becomes more important if you are transporting fragile goods. You can adjust your driving behavior and take other measurements after checking the data so that the products are better handled and better protected.

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